Juan Manuel García Chamizo

Scientific director & Vice-Chairman of the Management Board

Degree in Physical Sciences from the University of Granada, area of Electricity and Electronics, and a PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Alicante. Professor at the University of Alicante since 1985. Professor of Computer Architecture and Technology.

Founder and director of the Industrial Informatics and Computer Networks research group since its inception in 1998, he has carried out several dozen publicly funded research projects and a similar number of collaborative projects with companies. Accredits research in systems theory and information, communications and control technologies: computer networks, robotics, industrial systems, biomedical systems, digital systems for IoT and smartcity, artificial vision, low-level processing, life assisted by the environment, process planning, and knowledge modeling.

In these fields he has supervised a score of doctoral theses and is the author of more than 200 scientific publications, both in specialized international journals, as well as contributions to conferences and book chapters.

Director of the Scientific Unit for Business Innovation Ars Innovatio, of the University of Alicante, for innovation and business transfer. He has also promoted the creation of Nouss Intelligence, another Technology Based Company of the University of Alicante.